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Secret doctrines in secret brotherhoods, sisterhoods and in satanism carried on the knowledge of ancient magicians on the Laws of Nature: telepathy, hypnosis and tele-hypnosis (remote-hypnosis) – the abilities of human brain and consciousness: interpersonal transmission of energy as information (spirit) from person to person. – The charismatic healers and exorcists of all religions were and are skilled hypnotists.
What participants might receive welcoming during spiritual worship services across all religions and in Christian spiritual worship events as a perceptible and marked so-called “blessing” is applied hypnosis by administering persons within this reference well trained in hypnosis, which is medium and method of mind control and of controlling the consciousness of people.


On the other hand self-hypnosis may happen willingly or un-willingly to participants in spiritual meetings of any kind, and over and above the willing and conscious or un-willing and unconscious use of drugs may bring on trances and in sequel spiritual ecstasies easily; here nevertheless it is also mentioned that some neurological and psychiatrical deseases may cause trances and ecstatic spiritual feelings occasionally and would need medical support only in cases a person suffers in his/her everyday life as you may read in guide books on mental and neurological health – here prior mentioned reasons concerning pathological psychiatric diagnoses would be misplaced as long as persons live contented and settled within the scope of the “Definition of Health” made by the World Health Organization (WHO): “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.


The spiritual abuse in “blessing” people by the means of hypnosis lies in the cheating deception of believers and worshipers, for God and His Holy Spirit is not the causing source for a so-called “blessing” from above, but quite different hypnosis (the mind-technique of man functioning along the Laws of Nature) and its practitioners are the reason for the wonderful feeling in “being blessed”.


By hypnosis and remote-hypnosis also strong intensive sexual stirs can be created in people – spiritual abuse is to give individuals the deceiving and cheating telepathic illusion that a satan, a devil, a witch, an angel or even God himself would make them those kind of sexual feelings of deep release. – No doubt of course everybody can buy sexual feelings given during hypnosis working by telepathic mind explicit or implicitated where sex is sold, and Psychotherapy can use hypnosis along its statutory rules on clients.


Most religions’ and secret cults’ front armies – the secret practicioners of satanistic (satanic) knowldge – even Christianity’s have abused and misuse hypnosis and remote-hypnosis to break people’s resistance by the means of hypnotizing them into trances experiencing hallucinative feelings to be satans, devils, demons, witches, bad angels, spirits, aliens, vampires, wild beasts and others – herein destructing their healthy personalities in breaking their individual free will to make them obedient to their rule and oppressions, which often ended up and ends up after all satanic terror is over in the relieving easement of sexual dependencies in intensive sexual feelings caused by hypnosis and remote-hypnosis instead of in consciously chosen interactive human relationships based on appreciation, friendship, love and freedom of choice.
The often reported suffering of persons referred to as being “evil” or “demon possessed” or “devil possessed” crawling snakelike on the ground and licking with their tongues like snakes especially in the presence of Christian missionaries and pastors are results of applied hypnosis or remote-hypnosis.


With other words it happened and happens that ordered ministers of religions not only used but also abused and abuse their spiritual skill to hypnotize and remote-hypnotize to bring disobedient and unbelieving persons into a bad lowered and awful degraded position to show them the need of being “saved”, delivered, healed and turned to another matrix of faith and to make them obedient and submitting into their religious system.


In a multitude of cases secret satanism demands of it’s chosen victims to surrender one’s self – mind, body, soul, spirit and life – to a hallucinated satan, to a fantasized devil, an imagined witch, an imagined angel, or even to a mafia boss, or to a religious leader, or to a cult chief as a next batching and deeper step into psychical dependency, telepathic hypnotic mind control and often into destruction of the individual personality.


Often leavers of fundamentalistic spiritual, religious groups and leavers of secret cults are remote-hypnotized until they fall crazy and turn psychotic as a punishment and measure on them; and mostly – even before those kinds of psychical troubles are artificially arisen – leavers of fundamentalistic spiritual groups and seceret cults experience cabaling mobbing campaings on “being crazy”, other and worse – against their good reputation and destroying their credibility and social integrity.
You can live well without doctrinal faith – eliminate what is not fact. Doubt all, everything and everybody! Call in question everything and everybody! Live on facts only!


Our scientific cultures need to change their ethics in handling lay people. –
Loving and practicing spiritual trance and spiritual ecstasy is not pathologic and not schizophrenic but healthy pleasure, source for recreation and strength:
Make psychiatrists at universities rewrite their textbooks and scripts for students!
Our civilizations need changes in spiritual cultures.


Let us play with open cards instead of with cheating deception –
Let us tell what we sell or give freely:
good feeling & good vibe – love & peace! 


jona(h) li – April 2013, 3rd edited on 17. September 2016



Glowing Abstract Spiral Vortex Background 36642954 copyrighted by Libux77
Glowing Abstract Spiral Vortex Background 36642954 copyrighted by Libux77
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